Our classes range from "Easy fun" to "Advanced" and the whole family can join in from 7 years to Grandparents, even Great Grandparents.


Some of our classes have been going since 1994 and are still going strong with many friendships formed.  People who would have never met otherwise now have something in common with each other.  Some have a fresh new lease on life.


Whatever the reason, they soon become a part of our line dancing family.  Some even join us in demonstrations at community events and all in all, their lives become much brighter.


Line dancing need not be expensive.  You can start with cool comfortable clothing and a normal pair of shoes with flat heels (preferably with rubber on the heels to stop you slipping).  Bowling shoes or nurses shoes are ideal.  Skirts are cool and comfortable, or even shorts in our climate.  Many of the dancers find long sleeve tops rather hot so short sleeve or sleeveless is a more comfortable option. 


Class Days and Times:


Nambucca Uniting Church Hall  - 9.30-10.30am - Basic Beginners

Urunga C.ex Golf Club               - 2.00-3.00pm - Basic Beginners

                 - 3.00-3.30pm - Upper Beginners

                 - 3.30-6.30pm - Intermediate/Advanced


Nambucca Uniting Church Hall  - 6.00-9.00pm - All levels

Coffs Harbour Boambee Hall     - 6.00-9.00pm - Intermediate/Advanced



Sawtell RSL Club                       - 1.00-4.00pm - Beginners/Intermediate - Free class



Nambucca Uniting Church Hall - 9.30-12.00pm - Beginners/Intermediate



C.ex Coffs Harbour                    - 12.00-3.00pm - Beginners/Intermediate